SONYA's life

SONYAs great artistic talent was already evident in her early childhood, when she developed huge enthusiasm for painting, drawing, bodypainting, make-up, styling, dancing and acting. In school she was always among the best pupils in art, photography and sports.

After high school she went nine months to Mexico and California where she worked as a volunteer to help the poor people and the migrants. She took a lot of pictures, painted and learned the technique of batik as well.

In the year 2000 she graduated from university and got her diploma in international studies being specialized in Latin America, Spain, Portugal and Morocco. She also studied art, geography and business. During that time she already showed her photographs and paintings in national and international exhibitions.

The young artist always travelled a lot. She speaks several languages. SONYA lived and worked in a few countries such as Mexico, the USA, India, Morocco, Spain, Portugal....

She is especially fascinated and inspired by original cultures and primitive people, bodypaintings and exotic countries.


SONYA exhibited her photographs, painitings, sculptures and ceramics since 1992 in all kind of different galleries, international art fairs, cultural centers, cafes, hotels and resorts all over the world.


She is shows her work in EXHIBITIONS in Germany, Austria, Italy, the USA, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Morocco, India etc.






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