roots art

SONYA calls her art ROOTS ART. This expression contains the basic idea of her work: We should not forget our roots “because without roots there are no wings”.

This already starts in the early childhood where everyone should get the most important roots: The basic confidence which is given to the little child the adults by being there all the time, by caring with love and by keeping constant body contact with the child to make it feel protected and safe. Then the baby can become a happy, harmonic, responsable adult who can have happy relationships.

Also the roots with our ancestors, our forefathers and with our history are there, as well as the roots with the country we live in and those with the global culture and the cultures of the primitive people (who we also were one day - a long time ago!). We should all bring into our minds that we have common roots with all people on this planet and that therefore we are all one big family. The cultures should not regard each other as threatening but as enrichment for each other and they should act according to that - they also should get to know each other better.

Equally important for SONYA is the world of the emotions and of the intuition, the “collective subconscious” (-> C.G.Jung) and the interior of the individual.

Everybody should recognize his talents and develop his potential. You have to follow your heart and your wishes because they are the connection with your Higher Guidance (you could say the “roots withs above).

SONYA is of the opinion that art should never be boring and that it should make people happy.

All people should live in surroundings which are so perfectly adopted to their individuality and needs that it makes them happy, reveals the best of them and makes them completely be themselves and authentic!! (therefore ROOTS ARCHITECTURE and ROOTS INTERIOR DESIGN where the surrounding is adapted to the people and not the other way round - as it is mostly the case in our cultures)



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